Christmas Washing: Ephemeral mundanity

For this weeks fleeting moment photo challenge I had many ideas. (A key contender being my photo of a cheeky monkey scamp investigating a hapless tourists fallen shopping bag – before swiftly making off with the stolen bounty.)

But then I thought, what better way of demonstrating the pleasure of an ephemeral moment then by contrasting it with an everyday (seemingly endless moment)? If only I had a photo where someone chose to spend a magical fleeting moment (like Christmas day) doing something mundane (like washing).

Fortunately, I hang out with oddballs. Consequently, I have a series of photos where said oddballs chose a day that occurs once every 365 to do their washing (complete with cracker hats and alcohol).




 Post presented as part of the weekly photo challenge.

(Monkey looting tourists picture available on request. It’s a corker.)