Magical realism

A long time ago The Daily Post asked bloggers to think about Magic. How as adults in a modern and cynical world of science, maths and realism can we can reclaim a childish sense of wonder. This is my response.

(Carpeting the earth with dusky apple hues) 

Leaves like teenagers shake free their uniforms.

(Rose wine spilt over pastel pillow cases)

Skies tint to a shade Disney dreams to create.

(Dutifully taking colour ques from above)

Waves lap the shore like subdued pensioners.




What we found on Ben Nevis (H20)

24 hours encompassing Tolkien sponsored scenery,

Sugary snack and snatch nap sustained.

Summiting in mists,

Under the gaze of torch-beam

Surfacing into morning

blistered by sun beams.

over loch and valley.

H2O Published as part of WordPress daily photo prompt

Mamihlapinatapei: A Translation


 The ticking, tocking bird song

And ‘isn’t this nice’.

The up, down,

Cross hatch

And some other chairs.

Brushed and blushed skin.

The throats moisture,

Left in imprints across dark wood.

Once it fades,

She answers the question he didn’t ask.

A wordless yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something but are reluctant to start. – Mamihlapinatapei

Thé à la Menthe

17117_10153151489527902_5865288001911547234_n 10408583_10153151468922902_6127995346480155636_n

16km squared of mint tea,

Is drunk in Morocco’s sunshine garden.


Bikes, Bargains, Buskers,

Thé à la Menthe.

Carted donkeys,

Drugged snakes


Thé à la Menthe.

600 Dirham?

Definitely not.


50 at most,

That’s my lot.

Under Atlas, (snowcaped he peaks),

 Aladdin’s rooftop opens the labyrinth;

Snail soup, crumbled courts, stall 32 and

Thé à la Menthe.