Who is the Ring Lady?

Brenda Assael depicts the Circus as a ‘spectacular and gaudy dream’; whilst I wouldn’t presume to refer to my own writing as spectacular, and I hope it won’t appear gaudy, there are traits of the circus, such as the figure of the Ringmaster, which I do aim to emulate in my blog. By convention a Ringmasters task is to conduct audiences through a dizzying medley of acts, ensuring a seamless display and enticing excitement. One might consider this role as none too distant to that of a writer’s, for similarly to the enigmatic leader, a writer has the ability to put on a show that entices and excites the mind of an audience. However, the acts that he or she conducts into seamless performances are not clowns and acrobats, but words plucked from our language’s jumble and arranged into ‘the best order’ (Samuel Coleridge). A great writer’s ability to do this, and thus create stories with the power to transport readerships to alternate realities, is a talent that has always appeared to me as one of mankind’s greatest magic tricks.

Whilst I don’t pretend to be a master of this act yet, as you might assume from the title of my blog, it is a talent I am attempting to hone. Perhaps The Ring Lady in training would have been a more appropriate title?

But that just dosen’t sound as good.

So without further ado….. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…… Welcome to the circus!

Bucholz, Quint (1985) Man on a High Wire

Bucholz, Quint (1985) Man on a High Wire

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