Dancing down Benavides


Sound vibrations speed through Avenida Benavides like London 1 beds through auction. ‘Todo Benavides, Todo Benavides, Todo Benavides‘.  The bus conductors advertisement merges into an ice cream van siren on a council estate. Like the rest of its parts, his grip on the converted people carrier is lose; one hand wrapped around a metal bar, the rest of his body hanging from an open doorway. As they pass, passengers and pastries are plucked from the streets like happily paying hostages.

Posted in response to the daily post photo challenge .


7 thoughts on “Dancing down Benavides

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  2. Maitreyi says:

    The paragraph is so brilliantly juxtaposed against the picture to create the perfect atmosphere. I love it :’)

  3. Dream4Fun says:

    Hi. I love the colors and the feel of your blog. It’s full of interesting quirks and small pictures that attract the attention. It’s good.

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