(Extra)ordinary variety


Just an ordinary sun setting over a school in the amazon.

  In the words of Oscar Wilde (because it was his birthday yesterday), ‘to define is to limit.

In a world where people shop in supermarkets or on rivers, walk in parks or through jungles, openness is crucial to not only success, but to life in general.This weeks (extra)ordinary challenge is another stroke of ingenuity because it understands and anticipates that what appears mundane to one, is extraordinary to another.


Fruit and potato displays in lima

The wonder that variance in perception leads to seems particularly evident to me as I adapt to Peruvian life. Whilst to me a potato is an ordinary item, to a Peruvian the carb is so (extra)ordinary that there’s even a holiday to celebrate it (30th March). Whilst its therefore ordinary for Peruvian cafes to display potatoes, to see them in  glass cabinets is to me extraordinary.

Being a keen photographer I have stumbled upon an effective method of judging someones normality perception: take a photo of what strikes you as extraordinary, its ordinariness can then be measured by the number of locals who stare at you.


Lunch time in the jungle


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