(What can you buy for 80p?) Penguin’s literary tuck shop

The days of getting a pint for 80p were over before I was born. Nowadays 80p gets you a pint of milk and a packet of Angel Delight- (tasty but less mind-altering.)

For a treat that fattens the mind rather then the waistline, head to your nearest bookstore and pick up one of the new Penguin Classics range of 80p mini masterpieces.


In an enlightened move in the fight to save the book trade (and bring classics to the masses), Penguin have released 80 ‘Little Black Classics’: Small enough to fit in your handbag and cheap enough to be bought alongside your lunchtime meal deal.

Before embarking on a recent train journey I spent £1.60 and received in return, Jane Austen’s ‘The Beautiful Cassandra’ and Guy de Maupassant’s ‘Femme Fatale’: Literary snippets whose slimness is just as appealing as their price. Whilst the skinny volumes won’t appear as grand and imposing on your bookshpostera_1elf as their ancestors, the feeling of intimidation involved in embarking on a 500 page literary voyage is pleasantly absent, (as is the chance of being awoken by a tome of 19th century literature landing on your nose.) And let’s face it, carting a half tone of Dickens around the country is no fun for anyone.

It seems appropriate that the booklets, so perfect for train journey’s, have been released in celebration of the publishers 80th birthday. Allen Lane, (the gentleman who was so disgruntled with the choice of literature available at train station’s that he formed Penguin), would be delighted that his brain child is celebrating their birthday by providing excellent and affordable train reading material.

(Alternatively, you could buy yourself 4 Freddo’s and pretend you’re on the  Hogwarts Express).

For the full list of Little Black Classics click here



8 thoughts on “(What can you buy for 80p?) Penguin’s literary tuck shop

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  2. Thanks for this post 🙂
    If you are concerned by the slimness of the books, what do you think about the tablets? I do not own one, but when I was in Paris and had to make long public transport journeys every mornings and evenings I was seeing these people reading their Kindles while I was struggling to carry my book which at the time was American Gods from Neil Gaiman (a very fat book). I remember thinking “Hey! If I had one of those tablets, I could carry 100 books and still have space for lunch in my bag”… Not to mention the ecological point of view (paper=trees, forests, etc).

    • No worries, thanks for commenting! Tablets are an interesting one. Whilst i appreciate their convenience and environmental pros, for me, nothing can quite replace the feel, touch and smell of a book! Saying that, I do have one and it would have been super useful whilst travelling!. Good to hear from you 🙂

      • No worries, I like this blog a lot. The layout is very appealing and you write very well (whilst you wouldn’t say it’s spectacular, I personally think it is quite close to that 😉 )
        My girlfriend says the same about the books, that the feel, touch and smell of a book is irreplaceable. She is a very sentimental person and also happens to be a librarian (all the librarians I know have a certain interest for books that goes beyond the simple act of reading). I understand this and I also like how old books smell 🙂
        Maybe if as the human kind we started worrying about the deforestation, we should start to cut down the paper we use for administrations and bureaucracy (before making all the books electronic) 🙂

      • I’m blushing. Thank-you, that’s always nice to hear 🙂 I agree with you on that and with the use of electronic devices, it would certainly be easy to achieve.

      • Oh by the way I nominated you fro the Real Neat Blog Award.. hope you don’t mind 😉

      • Gosh, of course i don’t mind. Thank-you very much! (I don’t know exactly what that entails but it sounds like something good!)

      • It’s nothing big, but it is fun 🙂 Just a way to mention the blogs I like to people to read me

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