Sexism, Christmas Critters and mini movie marketing

Every now and then the hum of Petergoestoiceland/infectiouscrapjingle adverts is broken up by a mini film moment. I’ve adopted this term to describe the adverts that utilize the ‘in between background fuzz’ as a time to fish for human emotions, dragging with them the bored viewer (and wallet) off the sofa and into an alternate reality. John Lewis mastered the heart-string pull marketing technique two years ago with the help of a snowman determined to prove the power of his love (by going shopping.) This year they’ve returned to a similar theme with the £7M Monty the Penguin wants a mate marketing scheme. I challenge you not to cry. Today however, I watched an unexpected contender for the emotive marketing crown create a whole new genre-  the mini documentary. Ladies and gentlemen I present for you Always #Like a girl I wholeheartedly support the sentiment and feel excited by the presence of an advert that operates by inviting intelligent, social thought, I can’t help but wonder though whether Always would have opted for an outwardly feminist marketing scheme had the movement not been so à la mode. (Coincidentally, the everyday sexism# project is now available in book form. Just in time for Christmas.) Cynicism aside, a masterstroke by Always and hopefully a useful tool in the fight for real equality in the Fourth wave of Feminism.


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