Pirates Love Underpants and 7 other reasons why children’s books are better than adults*

*The above statement is to be read with a large dosage of salt.


Since working in a bookshop i’ve decided that children’s books are better than adults. In the following post I will attempt to display why this is the case. If your friends and family become bemused by your book taste in consequence I apologise.

1. The love that Pirates, Dinosaurs and Aliens have for underpants is well documented in children’s literature.

(See above)

Green Eggs & HAM

2. How many adults books – written by doctors – prescribe ‘Green Eggs and Ham’?

3. Terry Pratchett’s most side splitting Discworld protagonists (The Nac Mac Feegle’s) only feature (significantly) in The Tiffany Aching young adult series.

“We cannae just rush in, ye ken."
 "Point o' order, Big Man. Ye can just rush in. We always just rush in."
 "Aye, Big Yan, point well made. But ye gotta know where ye're just gonna rush in. Ye cannae just rush in anywhere. It looks bad, havin' to rush oout again straight awa'.” 
'Rob Anybody looked offended.  ‘We ne’er get lost!’ he said.  ‘We always ken where we are!  It’s just sometimes mebbe we aren’t sure where everything else is, but it’s no’ our fault if everything else gets lost!  The Nac Mac Feegle are never lost!’

-Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men (Discworld, #30)

4. Sean Tan’s illustrations


Story about Ducks cover6.. Children’s picture books in general

‘The Wave’ Suzy Lee

7. Meg, Winnie, the Worst Witch and their other supernatural literary pals


8.  And finally, because children’s books – teeming as they are with fantastical ideas and imagery designed to engage a childish imagination – make great adult reads  >

See ‘The Hobbit’, ‘The Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe’, ‘Wind in the Willow’s’, Little Women’ and even …..’Harry Potter’


3 thoughts on “Pirates Love Underpants and 7 other reasons why children’s books are better than adults*

  1. Important to note that pirates love underpants because they need somewhere to hide their booty. Badm-ching!

    On a serious note, yep it’s not necessarily the age of the intended audience that matters, but the quality of the writing, and the tale. I’d read a book focused on the nursing home adventures of a retired secret agent IF it was well written, and nobody would get all snobby about me reading VOA (Very Old Adult)

    • Ahh, you’ve solved a big question for me! Being a child-owning sort can you also tell me why/ how dinosaur’s poop planets/ Christmas etc? I feel its something only children and adults reading to children can truly comprehend.

      I fervently agree (*she say’s whilst reading Neil Gaiman’s definite children’s book ‘The Sleeper and The Spindle’*)

      • Hahahah I figure that dinosaurs can poop planets because kids are born with an inbuilt understanding of The Rule Of Cool, and as parents we reconnect with the concept through our little people?

        That said, my parenting career is just begun, and I have a lot of mistakes ahead of me…

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