Arnold The Mickey Taker (A Serial Killer Mouse flash fiction)

Because it was a Thursday, that meant wearing a red tie. This was a problem for Arnold because his red tie was splattered with blood.
Most serial killers who wore red ties on Thursday’s would argue that a red tie, splattered with red blood, posed little problem. Arnold however, was a meticulous mouse. His work was inspired by that of Jack the Ripper and he was as precise with his attire as he was with his slicings. That the blood had sprayed his custom Saville Row tie in the first place was considered as an insult to his professional integrity. The majority of Arnold’s victims had the decency to spill their life blood neatly when Arnold severed their arteries. It was a small price to pay for the devoted attention he bestowed on the limbs of pretend mice across the globe.
The Parisian mouse though, who Arnold located grinning in front of Space Mountain, had been from defiant from the start. Arnold reprimanded himself: he should have known to don his anorak when the Space Mountain Mickey had the audacity to question his motives. Astoundingly, the villain hadn’t understood that men in oversized mice costumes were a derogative mockery of mouse kind. In general the pretend – insult – to – Mouse kind Mickey’s accepted their crime and fate without a dot to dot illustration of the offense their existence represented. It was only to be expected that Arnold was infuriated when he slashed through the fur with his samurai and into the squirming flesh beneath. His psychologist had informed him that I wasn’t his ruined tie that had upset him, but how it represented his precision as being impaired. This knowledge though, was doing little to soothe his soul.
As Arnold consented to wear his black Friday tie fifteen minutes before he was due at the office, he contemplated the vengeance he would reap on the next Mickey Taker. Perhaps he’d make a holiday of it and visit Florida to conduct pest control? He managed a smile at the thought of severing through the wrist tendons of Disneyworld’s overgrown pretenders. That would stop them from their incessant waving.

One thought on “Arnold The Mickey Taker (A Serial Killer Mouse flash fiction)

  1. kutukamus says:

    Ha..ha.. As long as parents are being deluded that Disney loves children (instead of just treating them as ever-buying customers), then I guess those overgrown pretenders are having a good time messing children’s minds around now, aren’t they?

    But this Arnie sure knows where he belongs. This is definitely an adult mickey story. And an intriguing one, at that. 😀

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